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Hello, Fr. Jonah,

Thank you for sharing what the Lord placed in your heart; it was an especially powerful and timely blessing to me. I hope it is not bothersome, but I have a couple of questions.

After the MacDonald quotation, in the last sentence of the second paragraph, did you intend to write: “But because of Christ, the sting of death has [been] conquered, because the hope of the Christian is in the resurrection of the Incarnate Christ”?

In the first sentence after the quotation from the Didache, do you mean something like: “[What] MacDonald frames above, quite simply is, is this patristic philosophy: if you feed revenge, you feed more death, and spread death by so doing”?

Again, thank you for publishing this article: it was like a breath of the Holy Spirit in Christ’s wisdom and peaceful joy.

Blessings to you in our Lord, my beloved brother in Christ!

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